Plastics Machinery Group

Plastics Machinery Group
Recently INSYTE worked with us on a complete redesign of our website. The redesign included a new skin with pictures and a revamped layout for the website. 

We started off by project planning and that process was excellent. INSYTE website development team laid out a detailed scope of work that was to be done in reference to our website and worked closely with us in making sure everything was to our satisfaction. 

The implementation of the project went as expected. The process was presented very clearly and INSYTE worked close with us to ensure the new website met our expectations. Furthermore, we had an internal deadline that we wanted to meet and throughout the redesign process, INSYTE offered us a strict schedule with specific deadlines for stages of the redesign. We believe it was because of this we were able to meet our deadline without sacrificing any quality of the new website. 

We are very happy with the look and feel of the new website. Secondly, our customers feel it is a user-friendly site that is easily navigable. Our old website was very cluttered and outdated, INSYTE helped us streamline our site and clean up the look so it was more appealing to our customer. They made sure we were satisfied with every aspect of our site from color to the layout. It was a pleasure to work with Amanda and her team.

Overall the team at Plastics Machinery Group is satisfied with INSYTE’s services. They are easy to work with and make sure their customer is satisfied with their results. 
- Sam CultronaPlastics Machinery Group