Backup & Recovery

INSYTE Technology has a wide array of tools and services available for small to mid-size businesses to choose from when it comes to data backup and recovery services. Our data backup experts understand that every client and situation is different; we approach backup and recovery options based on the current and future needs of the business.

Data Backup and Recovery ServicesSome small businesses may only require simple backup solutions like battery backups, also known as an uninterruptible power supply, that helps ensure they are not put in a situation where their machine is inaccessible. Other businesses may require more complex cloud backup and recovery services that provides system virtualization options to prevent downtime after a disaster occurs.

The most common backup types are:

  • Full backup
  • Incremental backup
  • Differential backup
  • Mirror backup

Searching for fully managed backup services for your business?

We offer services for clients that do not want to be involved in the backup process, offering peace of mind that the backups are successful with very minimal effort. Our cloud backup services will automate the backup process, by sending the backup data to an offsite storage facility with additional security redundancies are in place to help ensure the data is safe and available to be recovered if a disaster should occur.

For the clients that want to keep their business data safe and secure, as well as gain a bit more control along with interaction in knowing when and how the backups are being processed, INSYTE Technology offers many different and customized plans in office backup solutions for the business to manage and maintain on their own or assisted backups through INSYTE Technology.

Many small business owners don’t take the time to perform regular backups and don’t ask for help or advice until a problem occurs. Typically the issue they encounter could have been prevented or minimized by having consistent backups in place before a disaster strikes. INSYTE Technology offers several types of redundancy procedures, otherwise known as backups to the backups, to help give the owners and those responsible for data peace of mind knowing that their information is safe in even the worst of disasters.

Every client is a unique situation; we will customize the backup plan to fit the most unique environments to offer business continuity should the unthinkable happen to your business.
If all of your business’s computer data was destroyed and there had been no backups made prior to the incident, how long and at what cost would it take to rebuild the information lost? How would that effect your business? Unfortunately, we’ve seen this happen to many great companies and they always wish they had taken better preventative action. Don’t learn the lesson the hard way – backup your business data! Learn more about how to get started with our managed backup and recovery services today.

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HUD Web for Fonality VoIP Business Phone Systems

HUD Web for Fonality VoIP Business Phone Systems

HUD Web is a new application that offers the same features included with the standard HUD software, plus additional functionality that includes the ability to share files within the instant messaging system.

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Cloud Backup Services and Disaster Recovery Planning

Cloud Backup Services and Disaster Recovery Planning

How does the managed cloud backup for business from INSYTE Consulting Group differ from cloud backup services from other companies?

cloud backup and data recovery
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