Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

What is internet marketing? More importantly, does my company need it?

These are the questions that are plaguing many business owners today, large and small. Internet marketing is inclusive of any marketing efforts that are conducted online. That includes, but is not limited to, writing and optimizing website content, posting new blog articles, social media interaction, email marketing newsletters, coupon codes, customer loyalty programs, and promoting sales online or discounts offered through your website. An internet marketing plan should be an integral part of any good marketing strategy – companies need a strong online presence in order to service their customers.

Ten years ago it may have been a choice to jump on the online bandwagon, but now it’s an absolute must to survive and thrive as a small business. With over 85% of searches for products and services happening online, it’s just a “duh” at this point, shares Jenny Servis, Vice President of Marketing for an internet marketing services and solutions company SnapRetail. (Source: The Single Most Important Reason Why Online Marketing Is More Important Than Ever, source: Forbes). 

The internet marketing struggle is real – not many companies are familiar with online marketing strategies and therefore don’t know where to start. Lack of knowledge and time are the two biggest barriers preventing small to medium-sized businesses from implementing a good internet marketing plan. With INSYTE’s team standing behind your company working directly with your marketing team – we help you not only develop, but also execute solid internet marketing strategies. Practicing only white-hat SEO techniques, your dedicated Internet Marketing Specialist will be in constant contact with you as a client, informing you of all initiatives implemented and keeping you “in the know” about the health of your website.
"Being on the front page (of Google) is the most important thing." – Evan, PureButtons

Why do you need to be concerned about being found online? It’s simple – because your customers are online and you need to be too! Americans alone conducted a staggering 20.3 billion searches in one month. Google accounted for 13.4 billion searches, followed by Yahoo! (3.3 billion) and Microsoft (2.7 billion), according to a study by comScore. (Source: How People Interact with Search Engines, Moz).

Let INSYTE help construct your company’s online strategies by being our Success Sharing partner in marketing.

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