Structured Data / Microdata

What is microdata and structured data?

Structured data helps search engines properly categorize content, pages, and information. As search engines index content, structured data pairs names with values. Microdata is one type of structured data, which uses code standards outlined at that is able to be used with HTML5. Microdata is a new HTML5 standard for marking up visible page content with structured data.

How structured data enhances results displayed at Google and other major search engines:
The structured data markup code within pages of websites helps Google's algorithms have a better understanding of the types of products, information, services, and content listed within your website. Google uses the structured data to feature pages from your website within search results so that they stand out, compared to websites that don't utilize structured data.

New search features have been made available at Google and other major search engines because of the enhancements provided by structured data.

Custom websites developed by INSYTE have the ability to display structured data and microdata for eCommerce

These are examples of websites developed by INSYTE that use eCommerce microdata to provide search engines with structured data:

Structured Data Example Related to Ecommerce
 Overall rating score - Number of reviews - Product price range

Structured Data Breadcrumb Trail   Breadcrumb trail

INSYTE will help your business at Google with eCommere microdata

Would you like to find out more about how we can help you grow your business on the INSYTE eCommerce platform?

Our eCommerce structured data / microdata feature is included as a 6-month free trial* with any eCommerce website developed by INSYTE. Our internet marketing team is so confident in the benefits this great feature can offer, we want companies to see it in action and allow it to pay for itself, before having to purchase. Contact the internet marketing specialists at INSYTE Consulting Group to ask questions and learn more about how we can use structured data to help your business get more traffic from Google and other major search engines.

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Currently, our internet marketing department is extending a limited-time offer to clients that have eCommerce and non-eCommerce based sites that are developed hosted on the INSYTE website platform.
New custom structured data, microdata schema markup features are able to be developed at a reduced rate of 50% OFF
*This offer is currently limited to the available capabilities that have already been developed for the INSYTE eCommerce microdata feature.
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Part 3: eCommerce Microdata Case Studies

View comparison traffic and revenue data from both and after integrating microdata schema for eCommerce.

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Developing an eCommerce Strategy That Works For Your Company

Developing an eCommerce Strategy That Works For Your Company

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