Internet Marketing Plans

INSYTE Internet Marketing Specialists work with one goal in mind – to get you ranking not only on the front page of Search Engine results, but in the top spot of Search Engine results.

We know that to get visitors to your website to convert to customers, you’ve got to be found. That’s why we use a simple five step approach: Internet Marketing Processes
  1. TRACK

    Using robust, state-of-the-art software, we keep a thumb on:

    • Site performance (KPI’s such as visitor volume, bounce rate, time spent on site, etc.)

    • Keyword Performance (average position in Google results)

    • Competitor Performance

    • Internal and External Links

    • Top performing landing pages

    • Social Media trends (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube)

    • Google Adwords

    • Last, but definitely not least, Sales


    We utilize the created reports as well as our discussions with the marketers on your team to develop an internet marketing plan for the month that will capitalize on your current SEO initiatives. We comb through the reports to create the best approach for both internal and external search engine optimization.


    In addition to the internal and external SEO initiatives we perform each month, INSYTE will consult with your marketing team to suggest additional initiatives to keep your company’s internet reputation first-rate. These initiatives can include strategies for email marketing, social media strategies, loyalty programs, and discounts for products to keep your team active in taking care of your customers in the online arena.


    INSYTE performs a dedicated amount of internal and external technical SEO initiatives each month, according to your internet marketing package. The time we spend on analysis and reporting does not count towards your monthly hours. We believe the time clock should start ticking only when we start working on initiatives that benefit the health of your site. The reporting, the consulting and the communication – that all just comes with the package!


    Reassess our current strategies’ results, refine our approach, and repeat the process! Internet marketing is all about tweaking your approach towards things that are proven to work. We prove that our search engine optimization techniques work with data, we take action to make them work harder.

You will always be in the know about how your website is performing. We provide detailed monthly reports tracking all of the above. We think it’s important you know and understand these metrics, which is why we vow to hold a quarterly phone call meetings with key internet marketing stakeholders to explain the results and answer any questions you may have about the provided reports. Yearly summaries allow you to view your website’s performance at a very high level.


INSYTE’s analytics enables you to gain powerful operational insights by giving clients important details and help with:

  • Making sense of data and use it to troubleshoot or resolve problems.

  • Gain rich analysis from data such as user behavior, usage patterns, buying and trends.

  • Understand how your competitors are competing against you with price, promotion and online marketing.

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