Artisan Building & Design in Medina

Artisan Building & Design in Medina
I recently completed a new mobile-friendly website design transition and re-design project with INSYTE, I specifically worked with Amanda Clark.  Amanda’s effective, timely and consistent communication on this project kept us on time and on budget. She is a pleasure to work with, I found her genuinely interested in our business and looking for ways to improve our website interaction with both current and potential customers. Her project management skills are top-notch. 

The project planning and new website implementation process went very well, Amanda made sure I understood the timeline and what the deliverables would be.

Throughout this process, she was extremely clear on what my deadlines were, along with what I should expect from them. Artisan Building Medina Mobile-Friendly Website Design

To say that I was satisfied would be an understatement, the INSYTE web development team produced a beautiful website for us, one of our customers described it as clean and classy. They really made the site so dimensional. I have really appreciated their insight, direction, and recommendations made to improve the site as it was being redesigned.

I truly enjoyed this website development project, Amanda was fantastic to work with. In all honesty, I dreaded this project, but I knew we had to redesign our website to make it responsive and mobile-friendly.

With so many other things on my plate, I thought that this project would be so intrusive and put me behind on my workload. However, because of Amanda’s exceptional project management and communication skills, it was anything but a burden. She was so organized and helpful that I found myself actually looking forward to our weekly calls, and meet the deadlines she laid out for me. 

Laura Morabito - Artisan Building & Design in Medina, Ohio