Leadership Medina County

Leadership Medina County

Our website redesign was more than overdue. We asked INSYTE to help us bring our dated website to modern times. Their team worked with us on what we wanted and needed. They came up with a winning design and implementation that exceeded our expectations. We love how Commence integrates with our website to provide a directory for our alumni. 

The planning process included getting plenty of input from my team. We have multiple programs that are served by the website with different needs. INSYTE took all of that information and built a design that would take us out of the dark ages. It was easy because INSYTE knew the best practices and incorporated those with our wish list.

INSYTE did a great job implementing the project so that we could launch the update to our alumni and followers. Our alumni love our new website design - our website statistics jumped when we launched the new site! It was worth every dollar we invested in it. The team at INSYTE helped us achieve our goal of better online engagement.

I always know who is working on my project and who I can communicate with about the project. The team at INSYTE are qualified and are great communicators. I never have to guess how much a project will cost. INSYTE is always upfront with the hourly rate and the number of hours it will take to complete a project. The billing statements are clear and easy to understand.

They stand behind their work and make sure the product meets our expectations. Whenever we have an issue, INSYTE works hard to resolve the problems quickly and effectively. INSYTE’s services are comprehensive. I don’t have to find different resources to meet my office needs. They have everything we need and local qualified people to do the job.

- Colleen Rice, Leadership Medina County