Business Phones Can Keep Up with Users On-the-Go

Business Phones Can Keep Up with Users On-the-Go
"Chambers of commerce play an important role in local municipalities in promoting business activity and representing chamber members. At least at the local level, chamber of commerce members often meet to discuss and attempt to shape policy that relates to the business and overall economic environment." (Source: Chamber Of Commerce Definition | Investopedia).

The Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce has a demanding role to fulfill. To achieve the goals of their mission statement, the Chamber employees are constantly on the go - meeting with local businesses, being interviewed by the media, and attending not only their own events but other important events in the community as well. Many Chamber Members view the employees of the Medina Chamber as the "connectors" of the community. Everyone knows them, and if you do business in Medina you had better make friends with them!

With the Chamber employees constantly running all over the county - it is easy to see why a traditional phone system would fall short of what the Chamber needed. The Medina Chamber came to INSYTE with a plea for a better solution, INSYTE was ready and prepared to discuss the VoIP services that we offer. During initial discussions with Chamber staff, it was clear that the VoIP solution we could provide would be a much more robust solution for the needs that the Chamber had on their wish list:

  • Auto-Attendant - the Chamber wanted to be sure that the phone would always be answered, even when the office was closed.

  • Call Transferring - they needed the ability to easily transfer phone calls to one another once the call reached someone at the office.

  • Click-Transfer to Mobile - while sitting at their desk, Chamber staff wanted the ability to transfer a call from their desk phone directly to their own cell phone in case they had to run out for something urgent while on a call.

  • Find-me, Follow-me - this feature would allow phone calls to ring at the staff members' desk and if there were no answer there, it would then shoot right over to the staff's cell phone.

  • Internal Chat - allow staff members to chat one another, easily allowing them to communicate with one another without having to pop over into someone else's office!

INSYTE was excited to talk to Chamber staff about our VoIP services, because it would be able to check off all of the items on their wish list - and even had more VoIP features to boot! Once the initial discussions took place, Chamber decided to give our services a try.

After deciding on exact configurations of all their lines, their auto-attendant, mobile forwarding options, as well as the chat software (the HUD or Heads Up Display) that the Chamber desired, INSYTE got to work putting the configurations together. We set up their physical network to connect the phones, the phones themselves, all headsets they had ordered, as well as the software configurations to allow for all of the features to work properly. Once all of the configurations were complete, the Chamber was then able to use their new phone system!

After a while of using the phones, the Chamber was a little disappointed with the call quality that they had been experiencing. As we do with all of our clients, we encourage them to follow up if they have issues with any system that we configure for them. This was reported recently, so INSYTE has scheduled a meeting with them to visit their site to check for call quality to see what we can do. Stay tuned for the results!

Chamber employees have found it much easier to accomplish their goals with the new VoIP phone system put in place. They feel they are much more efficient with utilizing the chat features to send each other quick messages during the workday. Chamber staff now is able to be out and about town without having to cleanup a box full of voicemails the next day because they are now able to receive all of their calls while they are out. To say they are more comfortable with being mobile would be an understatement - and their community business members are happier for it!

The Chamber has made the move into the 21st century with their new comprehensive phone system. INSYTE was happy to have helped them during the transition and to support them after implementation!