Business-Class Virtual Private Server Solutions

Business-Class Virtual Private Server Solutions
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Are you searching for a windows hosting solution, but still not sure if Virtual Private Server (VPS) services are right for your business?

Managed VPS hosting services provide many benefits which are comparable to a dedicated server. Business-class virtual private servers contain the same high performance hardware that is utilized in dedicated servers, but allow your business to save money by only having to pay for what you need in your current day to day operations. As your business grows, the VPS can be reallocated to meet the demands of your company, clients, and partners.

  Understanding the difference between a Dedicated Server and a Virtual Private Servers:
The VPS alternative is often selected by small businesses that need a customized website but cannot afford a dedicated server. Another useful aspect of VPS technology is the ability of a single subscriber to maintain multiple virtual servers. For example a Web site owner might use one server for the production-level Web site and the other for a "dummy site" that can be used to test planned updates, modifications or new programs. (Source: TechTarget)

Windows VPS

A Virtual Private Server is commonly known as a cloud server, it's simply a physical dedicated server that is setup with partitions that mimic a dedicated server.

Physical servers are able to be divided into numerous virtual partitions which help to distribute overhead and cost of the virtual servers. For most small to mid-size businesses, the cost of a comparable dedicated server may not be nearly as affordable as a VPS. The expense of the running and maintaining the physical server is shared between the VPS users. In most cases, servers that are used to provide the VPS environment are more powerful, have greater performance capabilities, and a much higher capacity compared to most dedicated physical servers.

Windows based VPS services are engineered to maximize throughput (the amount of material or items passing through a system or process), while providing a high-level of application reliability and much greater speeds, all while redundant power supplies can prevent downtime should a power failure or other unwanted issues arise. Windows VPS hosting solutions are designed to target the specific needs of growing businesses in order to fulfill the demands of customers.

A VPS is an ideal solution for businesses that need to maintain a reasonable budget, but still require the same control that a dedicated server provides.

"Once your business outgrows the capacity of a VPS, it's easy to seamlessly upgrade to a larger dedicated server - making a VPS the perfect solution for a growing business!"

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