When Your Business Locations Need to Connect

When Your Business Locations Need to Connect
Medina Creative Housing, and its affiliates, has a business that generates quite an interesting office situation - with four locations scattered throughout the community they support, Medina Creative Housing was faced with what seemed like an insurmountable problem when it came to finding a phone system that would work for them. 

Medina Creative Housing's mission is to develop quality housing, services and supports to enable individuals with disabilities to live their lives with dignity and opportunity. Their homes enable the individuals with developmental and physical disabilities in Medina County to live independently in an affordable, accessible and safe neighborhood while receiving necessary levels of support for health and safety. Thus, their staff members' need for mobility was paramount to perform their job functions. 

They had tried traditional phone systems that seemed to always fall short - Medina Creative Housing was unable to transfer calls to one another from location to location, which was one of their biggest problems. Enter INSYTE onto the scene. Technology consultants Mike Jr. and Mike Sr. spoke to Medina Creative Housing about their "wish list" for a phone system.
The phone system wish list was straightforward: they wanted a phone system that would deliver to their customers a big business feel across a small business platform.

INSYTE and Medina Creative Housing spent time discussing the pros and the cons of the VoIP services that INSYTE could offer to them. The system that INSYTE was planning to implement ideally was going to be able to solve their communication hardships. As part of any VoIP Phone System implementation, Mike and Mike stopped out to each of Medina Creative Housings's locations to ensure that their sites were optimal for supporting the network the phone systems needed to function properly. Medina Creative Housing's sites passed the initial tests the consultants performed, so the INSYTE team was able to move forward with implementing the networks and the phones themselves.

After the implementation and a brief testing phase, INSYTE was able to deliver the communication system that Medina Creative Housing needed to seamlessly connect all four of their locations via the telephone. They now enjoy features such as:
  • being able to page another team member from a separate location,

  • funneling the phone calls into a queue system to better direct their customer's requests, and

  • transferring calls from one phone line to another - regardless of location of the sending or receiving line.

INSYTE is happy to say that we helped further connect Medina Creative Housing, not only to each other – to their community as well!