3 Best (and Easy!) Blogging Practices

3 Best (and Easy!) Blogging Practices
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Make blogging simpler than ever with these three tips:


1. Quality Over Quantity

This tip isn't just for good driving traffic to your blog, it helps with time management as well. If you have been hesitant in the past about blogging because you think you have to do it daily - this might just be the wake up call you need!

Your readers will be more "tuned in" to your blog if it is providing them content that they find valuable. If you post just to have a blog post this week - chances are it isn't going to be very good and your readers will loose interest faster than a politician's promise after election day.

Find a balance that works for you. This may mean weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly - but when you blog, make sure it is providing your readers with good, quality content they value.


2. The "Other" Golden Rule: Share!

We all learned it in kindergarten, sharing is caring. Same goes for blogging and creating content on the web. This road goes in two directions:

PAY IT FORWARD - Make sure if you use content or ideas from another source that you credit them with a back-link to the page on their site where you found the content. The creator of the content will thank you and so will your readers for being a helpful writer by providing them with all the information they need.

BACK TRACK - You want your readers to easily be able to share what they read with their friends and family - don't make it hard for them to do! Be sure that your blog is properly equipped with Social Media and Email sharing options.

3. Meta Data Matters

Meta Data is important because it helps Google (and other search engines) determine what your blog post is about. It is also sometimes what users see when your blog post is shown in search results.

In the example above, the blue link is often the Meta Title of the page, the green link is the URL of the page, and the gray text is often the Meta Description of the page. 

You can control what you give to Google for the Meta Title and the Meta Description - if you have the right tools.

Google may still choose to use other elements of your page to fill in these search results. However, well-written Meta Data has a chance to really grab your visitors' attention right from the results page resulting in more click-throughs to your blog.
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categories: Internet Marketing