Holiday Shipping Hours

2018 Holiday Shipping Dates for Contiguous U.S.

Recommended send-by dates for expected delivery before December 251

Domestic Mail Class/Product
Date (excluding Alaska & Hawaii)
USPS Retail Ground®
Dec. 14
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Holiday photo gift designs are sure to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. These high-quality Christmas photo gifts are available in a variety of sizes and styles.
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The power of CUSTOMER Reviews
Online customer reviews serve to highlight—positively or negatively—various aspects of your business, including products, services, purchase interactions or customer support engagements.
Online reviews today extend far beyond just customer testimonials on your website. With the increasing number of websites, platforms, and directories, and the growing interconnectivity of these applications, it is more important than ever to monitor and manage your online reputation. 
  • Promote the Positive

  • Provide Insight into Services

  • Convey Your Personality

  • Build Trust

  • Improve Rankings

We can help with reviews!
Contact INSYTE Consulting Group to learn how we can help you use customer reviews to promote your products or services online. Remember that customer reviews are able to be utilized on both eCommerce and non-eCommerce websites.

Does your website have an ssl? 
If not, website visitors will see a Not Secure notice on all pages.
SSL's are not just for eCommerce based websites; all websites should be currently be using secure URLs or a notice is displayed.
Until recently, SSL’s tended to be used to secure URLs mostly for eCommerce companies and other sites where sensitive and financial related data is transmitted. Using secure URLs will help to put your website on the right track to comply with new web industry security standards. These new set of standards have been implemented by Google as of the end of 2017, aimed at improving data security and helping to protect the privacy of everyone that uses the internet. 
Contact INSYTE
to order an SSL
HTTPS and the Benefits of using Secure URLs
A few years ago, in 2014, Google Chrome announced details that they were going to start recommending all websites use secure URLs to improve connection security.
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5 Reasons Your Site Should Be Using HTTPS
The difference between HTTP and HTTPS may seem like only one letter, but that one letter can make a huge impact in your website’s performance. Learn was this means for your small business.
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Privacy and security
Protect the privacy of visitors helps to improve user experience.
Increase page load speed
Secure websites load faster! Unsecured sites load 334% slower.
Search engine optimization
Using an SSL provides a slight ranking boost at Google.com
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Cloud Backup Services and Disaster Recovery Planning

Cloud Backup Services and Disaster Recovery Planning

How does the managed cloud backup for business from INSYTE Consulting Group differ from cloud backup services from other companies?

cloud backup and data recovery
HUD Web for Fonality VoIP Business Phone Systems

HUD Web for Fonality VoIP Business Phone Systems

HUD Web is a new application that offers the same features included with the standard HUD software, plus additional functionality that includes the ability to share files within the instant messaging system.

could HUD Web make you faster?
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