Monitoring Service

INSYTE offers only the best solutions in monitoring your network, workstations, servers and more. INSYTE Technology offers a product called the IT Center which can automate the process of running checks and performing maintenance on your machines, giving you those man-hours back.

The product is managed by the team at INSYTE Technology, where your computer is constantly checked for patches, updates, security risks and even hardware malfunction. There are over 200 daily checks that are performed in the background of the machine that allows INSYTE to work proactively in keeping your system up and running.

The system will alert INSYTE Technology team members when one of the checks or multiple checks come back with any sort of errors or issues that it finds throughout this process. Many of the alerts are simply updates that just need to be finalized but some notify the team of bigger issues. When these issues arise we are able to diagnose them much faster and in most cases resolve the concern before it causes any down time to our clients.

One of the best benefits to being on the IT Center is the Managed Antivirus that we provide as an antivirus solution. The Managed Antivirus is the most exceptional tool for preventing and fighting virus attacks on servers and on workstations that INSYTE Technology has worked with to date. While no antivirus program is 100% effective, the Managed Antivirus program is rated extremely high and has reduced the number of virus incidents that INSYTE Technology has previously managed by over 50%.

We believe so strongly in our Managed Antivirus program that INSYTE has placed a guarantee on it that states, “If you do get a virus while on the Managed Antivirus service, the cost to repair the machine and get it back to working order is at no cost to the client.” How’s that for a guarantee?
We believe in standing behind our products and services, so when we find a product as quality as the Managed Antivirus service, we want to make sure our clients know how much we believe in its power.

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