Project Planning

We know that your team aren’t experts in web design, that’s why you’re here! When you begin your website project with the team at INSYTE, you can take comfort in knowing that you will have a dedicated project manager looking out for your business’ best interests. At the core of everything we do we make sure to consult with our clients – ensuring that they are well informed and advised throughout the entire process. We take care of all the technical pieces so that you can concentrate on what you do best – selling your products.

Our custom eCommerce website design services always includes project planning services at no extra cost!Though very thorough and complete, our typically website project is launched in just under 90 days. Along the way, we aim to present you with no surprises, and that starts here. **Our custom ecommerce website project process includes weekly meetings to keep you updated on the progress of the site throughout the following phases:green progress down arrow


    We meet with your company, visit your facilities if applicable, and find out what makes your company unique so that we can translate that into your personalized web project. We find out what your needs are so that we can prepare to build a custom solution to fulfill them.

    After a few key interviews and collecting branding information, including details about services or products for a custom eCommerce website, we develop and present you with full scale color mockups of key web pages on your site. We don’t use templates, so you each of our website designs is unique and completely tailored to your company.

    This is the “heavy lifting” phase as we like to call it. Where we take all relevant information and build your new custom website according to your specifications. Along the way a dedicated project manager will keep you updated and informed of all progress and any potential forks in the road.

    Taking content that you and your team have developed, we populate the newly built website with all of this provided content, images and product information. Your new ecommerce store will be ready for selling on day one!

    This phase includes a “behind the scenes” look at your new site before launch takes place. This allows you to be 100% comfortable and confident that the site we launch is the site you’ve approved. Each of our website implementations includes a full-day, on-site, comprehensive training to make sure you know how to drive your website before we flip the switch.

    We stay with you and your project before, during and after launch. We host and fanatically support all of our sites so that you aren’t left out in the cold. You will have a dedicated support specialist so that you are never left waiting for hours on hold for someone who doesn’t even know your name.

INSYTE prides itself on personalized service for each one of our clients, and our website project process is just one of the ways we make you feel comfortable and confident in working with a dedicated team of ecommerce web development experts.

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