Medina Vision & Laser

Medina Vision & Laser
Medina Vision Centre has utilized the services of INSYTE for nearly 10 years. Our practice has undergone dramatic changes in our IT needs as we converted from paper to electronic patient records. We have also transitioned from a traditional on-site server to a virtual server hosted by INSYTE.

We have always been impressed with Mike’s knowledge base and his ability to solve some complex networking and software issues. Working with a local company has been a great experience as the Warners are extremely responsive to our needs. We recently went through an e-mail conversion process and are Mike Jr. did a great job of not only communicating the process, but keeping our staff informed of how to best prepare. As a small business owner, I’d recommend INSYTE to any of my fellow business owners.

I feel like Mike has done a great job in recent years laying out a plan of attack for each project and effectively communicating the time involved and the cost to our practice. It gives us great confidence to know the details have been worked out before we begin the project. The past couple of projects went very well. There is always a hiccup or two that we don’t expect, but that is the nature of the business and we understand that. Implementation has been wonderful.

Overall we are very satisfied with INSYTE's managed services and support. There have been some “bumps” in the road during times when we lost data or had our system down for days at a time. I feel we have addressed the issues and have a much better disaster plan in place now. It would have been less stressful if we could have anticipated the issues we faced, but hindsight is always 20/20!

As a company, we are appreciative of the fact that Mike has worked with us when it comes to how we are billed. As a small company with a smaller IT budget than most companies, IT can truly break our budget. Doing quarterly payments over the past couple of years has allowed us to budget our IT costs much better and allows our cash flow to be more consistent.