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When Evan and the PureButtons Team approached INSYTE with the idea of implementing a gift card functionality for their eCommerce website, the INSYTE team was excited to get the opportunity to create this feature. INSYTE eCommerce worked hand in hand with Evan to ensure that the function had the look and feel Purebuttons desired. 

While working on the project, Evan was able to shed some light on how the functionality would be used for them. "We plan to use these gift cards in a few ways, the first being last minute gifts. We can keep our holiday market window open much longer now. Basically, there is no 'too late' anymore." "Another way to use the gift cards is a quick and easy social media promotion/redemptions campaign." 

"We don't really see gift cards being a huge general product when compared to the regular product, but when used correctly we think that they can be very useful for expanding how we do business."

Evan Leake
Art Director
categories: eCommerce