SaaS Platform

The INSYTE eCommerce development team has built and refined our very own SaaS eCommerce platform that we have worked over the last 10+ years to maintain, upgrade, and enhance features in for our clients. Never do you need to “upgrade” the version of your website – we are doing that every day for you! We consistently identify, address and upgrade any changes to the way our servers, network and/or internet browsers operate to keep your website running flawlessly. INSYTE builds our systems using ASP.NET technology, backed by a SQL server, and HTML5 and styled with CCS.

Having a home-grown eCommerce platform with an in-house web development system allows our bright team of developers to completely customize solutions for our clients. Our SaaS eCommerce platform is fully scalable and is currently integrated with software common to many industries. For example, we integrate with FedEx, UPS, and USPS for shipping; and for accounting, we integrate with QuickBooks solutions. Have software completely unique to your industry? No problem – we welcome the challenge to integrate with various API’s for our clients!

You can rest assured that we take security very seriously. Which is why we lean heavily on the INSYTE Virtual Hosting division to provide hosting solutions for all of our website clients. This allows us to manage the server configuration and support directly in-house – and be 100% confident that the security measures implemented will keep our clients’ websites and their customer data safe. We employ SSL technologies to be sure that the data transmitted through our servers is encrypted and secured. Our systems are PCI compliant – allowing merchants to rest easy that the transactions taking place through their website are protected. Nightly backups are run to be sure that in the rare event of a malfunction, data loss is never a side effect.

Our solution is ideal for retailers, manufacturers, and distributors simply because it reduces upfront investment costs and places the responsibility of delivery and ongoing support on your trusted eCommerce partner. Because INSYTE eCommerce is backed by Microsoft technologies, you can rest assured that we have partnered with the largest software company in the world to bring you a reliable, flexible, and cost-effective SaaS eCommerce platform.

Why is a SaaS eCommerce platform beneficial to your online business?

  • Significantly reduced startup costs and website development time.

  • Quicker deployment of your website (under 90 days).

  • Bundled monthly eCommerce website packages features include email, traffic analysis, licensing, product updates and support.

  • Unlimited phone and email support during normal business hours.

  • No need to know or understand internet development technologies.

  • Direct access to your eCommerce website management tools.

  • By partnering with INSYTE eCommerce, you can focus your time and energy on your expertise and trust us with being committed to your web presence.

  • Easily grow your website’s infrastructure as your consumer demand increases.

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