Part 2: How to Use Microdata to Acquire New Organic Traffic

Part 2: How to Use Microdata to Acquire New Organic Traffic

This post is Part 2 of a series, read Part 1 - The SEO Benefits of Using Microdata Markup to learn more about the advantages and benefits we outlined related to using Microdata for eCommerce, as well as non-eCommerce websites.

Why is Microdata Schema so important to SEO and acquiring new streams of organic traffic?

High Quality Organic TrafficTo start with, it is very important to not overlook one other factor that affects SEO PageRank! Google favors and “rewards” websites with pages that have a low bounce rate and a high Click Through Rate (CTR). Pages that have good CTR and a low bounce rate will receive better position in Google search results, compared to pages that have a poor CTR and high bounce rate.

To summarize, in English: Many direct and indirect factors come in to play when websites utilize Markup Schema / Microdata properly, and the result can be a snowball effect of new high-quality traffic. 

For eCommerce based companies, using Microdata can translate in to increased revenue. It can also provide opportunities to re-engage customers by sending automated emails that are configured to be sent out after the customer receives their order, inviting customers to leave a review and rate their experience. 
Targeting Customers With Microdata
Often eCommerce companies take this opportunity to turn a new customer in to a repeat customer by including a coupon code offering a one-time 5% or 10% discount off of their next order. The email can also invite customers to post a review within the website and/or share details about their purchase and experience on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, or other popular social networks.

This method presents a win-win situation for eCommerce businesses and customers, by providing customers the means to promote the website and show off the item they purchased. When these types of concepts are implemented properly, the number of reviews and product rating scores will continue to reinforce the level of service or quality of products to other new potential customers from within search results, before they even visit your website.

"Yet another notable indirect SEO benefit of using Schema Markup Microdata? As soon as it sounds like it can’t get any better, IT DOES!"

As you absorb the wealth of information related to opportunities for websites that use microdata markup schema code, consider the difference between comments left on blog posts compared to comments left in users' reviews.
Using Microdata to Display Customer ReviewsFrom a SEO perspective, think about the differences like type of content posted and the overall purpose of why someone would post guest comments, compared to real customer reviews or ratings posted on an eCommerce website.

When used alone without Microdata; providing the ability for customers to post reviews, rate products, and/or vote helps websites with customer relationship management.

"Every time a new review is posted, new fresh relevant content is added to the page, and then the page gets re-indexed at Google."
When companies provide excellent service and customer support, allowing customers to post reviews can help with SEO. Having good reviews and ratings combined with a website that uses Microdata to display product information in search results, along with having an automated system emails that request reviews, can be a recipe for long-term success - even in saturated high-volume markets.

The before and after data at Pure Buttons helps to confirm the benefits of using microdata markup schema code:


Comparison Report Case-StudyTraffic DataThe INSYTE eCommerce team was able to confirm that the micro data updates went live on search engines the last week of January in 2016 for

Looking back, when we compare the visitor traffic data in Google Analytics, we noticed a 32% increase in revenue the new 6-month to 6-month comparison report.

Traffic sessions, users, and page views all increased by 20% in this reporting period.

However, looking back at the previous 6-month to 6-month comparison report, before micro data was integrated, revenue declined by less than 8%.
According to the data the investment seemed to pay for itself very quickly and is now rewarding the smart choice this company made.

What does the recent traffic and revenue data for Pure Buttons tell us?

Before and after comparison data between 6 months before and 6 months after Microdata was implemented, Pure Buttons made a very smart decision by requesting custom Microdata to help the links to their site stand out in search results.

"Was using Microdata to help increase sales a smart investment?"

When Evan from and was asked this question, this is what he had to say: 

"Since launching microdata on our website we have seen a substantial increase in sales. These rich snippets allow our Google listings to stand apart from others with a star rating and more product and business information. As Google evolves its platform we are seeing more opportunities to show customers extra details right in the google search results. I look forward to integrating more of these features with INSYTE in the near future. It is a feature that pays for itself in a short time and it's definitely been a smart investment."

Evan - Pure Buttons | StandOut Stickers

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Part 3 - A Microdata Case Study About 2 Different Sites Developed on the INSYTE eCommerce platform

Custom Buttons by
  Custom Stickers by
Proof is in the data! This case study will highlight data points and provide comparison data from 2 different eCommerce websites that were developed on the INSYTE eCommerce platform.

The case study is based off of traffic data from both and

These 2 websites both integrated eCommerce based Microdata around 6 months ago, as a result it was found that both of these sites experienced a notable increase in new visitor sessions, return visitor sessions, and an increase in revenue.

How we can help your business at Google by using Microdata:

Interested in learning more about how we can help you grow your business on the INSYTE eCommerce platform?

SEO Strategy Using Microdata for eCommerceOur Microdata markup feature is now included free for 6-months when your company has an eCommerce website developed by INSYTE. 

We are so confident in the benefits this great feature can offer, we want companies to see it in action and allow it to pay for itself, before having to purchase.

Please note: This offer is currently limited to the available capabilities that have already been developed for the INSYTE eCommerce Microdata feature.

Currently we are also extending a limited-time offer to clients that have eCommerce and non-eCommerce based sites that are hosted on the INSYTE website platform. New custom Microdata and Schema markup features are able to be developed at a reduced rate of 50% off.  

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