HUD Web for Fonality VoIP Business Phone Systems

HUD Web for Fonality VoIP Business Phone Systems
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Increase the productivity of your office with HUD Web. 

If your company currently uses business phone system from Fonality, then you are most likely already familiar with (HUD) Heads Up Display Collaboration Software. If your company does not current use Fonality business phone systems, HUD is a software application that is included with Fonality business phone systems which provides a simple, easy-to-use interface for managing calls using your computer monitor.
Have tried using HUD Web with your Fonality Phone System? 
HUD Web is a new browser based application from Fonality that offers the same features and options included with the standard HUD software, plus additional functionality that includes the ability to share files, documents, and images within the instant messaging system. A new video conferencing and screen-sharing feature was recently added an as option for HUD Web users. 
Unlike the downloadable HUD software, Fonality’s HUD Web interface allows users to share files, images, and documents quickly using the file share and attachment management panel within the instant messenger. It’s easy to attach many files at once to share with other team members. The HUD Web control panel also provides easy access to view the recent call log, configuration preferences without the need to navigate to a different web site - everything is all in one place!
New Features provided within HUD Web include video conferencing and desktop sharing collaboration. Creating a new meeting with video or a screen-share only is quick and easy, just search through your contacts and send an invite to start video conference.

Additional functionality includes group chat, the option to record the meeting so it can be saved for playback, and the ability to select a monitor or just an application to share during the meeting. It is easy to select from many different display viewing options depending if you have joined the meeting from a mobile device or desktop.
When used in a call center or incoming call environment, HUD Web provides a plugin that sends notifications to the browser when incoming calls are received. The user-friendly interface provides click-to-call and drag-and-drop to transfer calls options. Making outbound phone calls and transferring incoming phone calls to other team members and business associates does not get much easier than this. Place a call on hold and transfer calls to any extension or a voicemail box with just a single click.
Getting Started with HUD Web
HUD Web and HUD are able to be used interchangeably, which means if your company uses Fonality with HUD, then it’s easy to start using HUD Web.

Try it out now to see how it works, start by clicking the following link: - Sign in with your user name and password as follows. If your server ID is: 10301 and if your extension is: 7000 - The user name would be 10301_7000 - use the web password provided by your phone system administrator. 
Need a new VoIP business phone system for your company?
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If your company does not currently have a business phone system from Fonality, contact the Insyte Communications department to find out how we are able to help you get started, or read below to learn more about the features and tools that are available.
  • Video conferencing, screen-sharing, and collaboration tools - Video conferencing with group chat is a popular add-on feature for businesses that have employees that work away from the office and need to collaborate in real-time. Start a group chat by simply inviting anyone listed on your company's contact list.
  • Instant messaging with file sharing - Save time by sharing images and files while chatting while using HUD Web.
  • Voicemail Management and Transcription - Access voicemail via phone, email, SMS or the desktop.  Manage, store, and even read your voicemail messages.
  • Personalized Call Routing - With Find Me/Follow Me, you’ll never miss another important call.  Set your own rules to ring multiple devices or external numbers simultaneously, and create privileged rules for VIP callers.
  • Built-in Presence and Chat - See which team members are on the phone and who is available for a quick chat using the built in presence and IM capabilities.
  • Click-to-Dial - A browser-based plug-in for web browsers that turns phone numbers on a webpage into hyperlinks that when clicked on, dials that phone number on your Fonality telephone.
  • Manage contacts - The interface provides easy access to manage contacts and view information about the current status of other company contacts.
  • Call History - HUD Web offers a panel with quick access to logs of your recent call history.
  • Call Center - The call center panel helps users organize, manage, and get detailed information about the departments in the company queue.
  • Search Feature - Quick search content from past conversations and instant messages.
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