Why Network Posture Matters

Why Network Posture Matters
Many of us grow up listening to our mothers scold us for slouching - telling us to sit up straight because it's better for your health, it makes you stronger, or even better looking. While it may be a little obnoxious to hear just one more time, we are going to say it: posture is important!

Wait. What does posture have to do with technology? Glad you asked! Technology posture is your overall technology plan - encompassing the systems and processes in place and how well they work together. Having strong technology posture means that you are less susceptible to failures in your systems due to malfunctions and hackers.

Why should you be so concerned about posture anyway? You've slouched off a bit in your life and you seem to be okay, why must we be so uptight about tech posture? Well, unlike humans, technology lacks resiliency - or the ability to easily "bounce back" from an attack or malfunction. Typically when a system fails, it either must be restarted, reconfigured, or potentially restored before it can function again.

Hryshko and Associates has learned a thing or two about technology posture, as they came to INSYTE with a server that was on the fritz and a network that was not working the way they needed it to. INSYTE offered to Hryshko and Associates their consulting services, and informed the Hryshko team all about technology posture. 
INSYTE explained the concept of having a strong backbone for their network so that their systems could communicate properly with one another. A network consists of two or more computers that are linked in order to share resources (such as printers and CDs), exchange files, or allow electronic communications. Typically computers on a network are commonly linked through cables or telephone lines, but may also be linked via radio waves, satellites, or infrared light beams.

Once Hryshko's network could be properly configured, INSYTE was able to then set them up on their new Virtual Server Solution. A virtual server is very similar to a physical server except it allows the user to partition the server into smaller sections to spread the cost around to multiple companies. Virtual Servers allow for secure data storage at a much lower cost, ideal for small to medium sized companies.

Hryshko worked with INSYTE to transfer all of their data over to the new Virtual Server. After having their server set up properly on the stronger backbone of a network - Hryshko and Associates has experienced a more secure and accessible data solution, faster communications between networked devices, and piece of mind knowing that their data is backed up nightly on their Virtual Server to ensure they don't experience data loss.

Having a proper network structure or “Network Posture” is vital to business productivity and reducing downtime due to network issues. It allows for proper access to all your networked devices from computer to computer, file sharing, printing, access to the internet, as well as access to servers. It also allows for more efficient ways for businesses to save time and increase productivity. A strong reliable network allows you to maintain quick and reliable access to all of your devices and data.

We are thrilled to say that we helped Hryshko get a better grasp on their Network configuration and Virtual Server storage, and hope they stand just a little bit taller because of it!